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Rise to the Top and Become a Changemaker

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Currently, the world is being conceptualized by ethnically hyper-fractured powerful influencers when compared to any other era in human history. Tribalism, populism, and nationalism appear to be louder than ever, and yet we strive for unity in our professional and personal realms. Around the office, cultures come together productively and generate value for the entire eco-system, a colorful landscape of businesses, customers, partners, miscellaneous stakeholders, and other interested parties, i.e., governments, societies, chambers, incubators, and associations. Factoring in all the different characters, each with their own set of sensitivities, understandings, biases, and prejudices as well as these distinctly differentiating stories that we all as human beings regularly entertain in our heads, we must pay attention to diversity when creating rules and guidelines of communication.

Connect the dots and introduce the right key type that opens doors for consent and agreement to planning and negotiation and be prepared for improved awareness of the listener’s inner dialogue and deepest convictions. With an aim at furthering the progress either in the areas of financial gain or soft influence, the individuals and organizations that have the most understanding of these intrinsic, often subtle, or even slightly hidden or implied details will most likely be met with the least resistance. They will be allowed to rise to the top to become changemakers and influencers. Showing up with the will to heed sensitivities and small cultural triggers that can cause rejection with an off-putting attitude, word, or gesture will impede any serious establishment even in the richest market niches and target groups.

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