About BeaconBCS
We teach c-suite executives and business professionals the art of communication in English and Spanish.
Our work is to help customers tap into the power of their second-language skills to succeed in their careers and lives.

Meet the Team Behind Every Client's Success Story

Rebecca Pistiner
Founder | English & Spanish Instructor

BeaconBCS was established in 2014 as an English/Spanish language school to serve the business community of Houston, Texas.


What differentiates BeaconBCS from traditional language schools? Our focus is the client's needs. We don't have a curriculum or a book to sell. There is no one system that works for everyone. We don't offer one-size-fits-all programs. We design curricula to fit your specific requirements and language needs.

Learning a second language with an individually designed curriculum means you only study what is relevant to your career and personal life. So every time your class ends, you have useful knowledge that you can immediately put into use and see results. 

Sample areas of study focus:

  • Accent reduction

  • Culture-specific language 

  • Industry-specific vocabulary

  • Grammar and vocabulary 

  • Presentation and interview skills

  • Resume and supporting letter writing

  • Live event preparation

  • Networking skills

  • Business writing 


For our corporate clients, we also offer consultancy services. In small groups or individual sessions, we work to improve management and organizational performance in matters of written and oral communication. 

BeaconBCS's unique approach to language teaching is a result of Rebecca's experience at organizations like Berlitz, inLingua, Premiere English, Wyzant, ​English Point, and her background in the performing arts, science, and business. 

Clients enjoy learning with Rebecca, and many become life-long colleagues sharing 3-4 hours per week in a private and confidential environment where they try out different skills and tools to achieve their goals. 

Andrea Calabró
Lead Spanish Instructor/Translator

Andrea was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She taught literature for 9 years at the University of Buenos Aires, and in 2014 she started teaching Spanish as a Second Language.


Her experience as an instructor of foreign literature helped her create an innovative method for teaching Grammar and Spanish syntax; She engages her clients,from a point in their own culture, and brings them closer to their newly developing language as they discover the wonderful experience of language mastery.

Andrea's classes are not "universal" – each has a particular recipient – as not all of us have the same way of studying, not all of us have the same way of learning, and not all of us have the same way of retaining knowledge.


She designs her courses based on the clients' goals, needs, and time. Feeling pressured by schedules and obligations does not help the internalization of a new language. The learning process must be enjoyed by both the client and the instructor, and that is the starting point for a rewarding experience in the study of a new language.


Her work as a Spanish teacher is focused on quality and not on the number of students. It is impossible to prepare personalized classes if you work with a multitude of students. Working with a small group of clients helps focus on each individual. Offering quality time is Andrea's commitment to each client..

How does online language training work?

1. Training sessions are delivered online via the internationally recognized cloud-based learning platform MeritHub. Students can access the portal from any internet browser and portable device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) without having to download software. 

2. After your employee logs in to their private classroom, the friendly Beacon BCS instructor will welcome them and establish the goals for the lesson. Students will always have their class in a uniquely motivating and trusting environment. 

3. All live online classes are private and focus on the students and the business needs only. Our hybrid practice is designed around the students' language knowledge gaps which means they get more effective results. And they get to start using their new language skills right away.

4. Beacon BCS Instructors use grammar as the core of the individually designed and developed curriculum and then include learner-relevant supplemental materials for utility and practice, resulting in improved learner outcomes.

Over 10 years of teaching English and helping people reach their

professional and personal goals by improving their

second language communication skills.

What clients say about their experience learning English with us.

"Their attention and care encourages me to keep at my lessons and to dedicate myself to my goal of fluency."

- Courtney H.

"My instructor was not only  an English teacher but also  a life coach.  Her clients  are not just numbers."

- Erika Y.

"They provided  proactively new elements/drills/lectures  to accelerate my learning."

- Agustin S.

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