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We instruct your employees in English and/or Spanish to improve their effectiveness as leaders in diverse organizational settings and markets.

Your Company Customized Curricula

Small Groups (4-6 learners) and/or Individual Sessions

Blue Collar                                              White Collar

All Skill Levels

Scheduled Progress Reporting

On-Call Instructor Access

Consultancy Services

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Improve management and organizational performance

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Proficient bilingual professionals improve performance of their teams and departments by adding value with innovation, higher level cognitive skills, more flexibility, and an enahnce apprciateion for diveristy in the workplace.

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Reduce miscommunication & improve morale

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Lack of fluency and knowledge of common vernacular contributes to miscommunication and costly errors in implementation and human resource management that affects the relationships among employees.

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Expand international market access

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Ensuring that leaders are fully proficient in their second language and are effective bilingual communicators who have cultural acuity and sensitivity offers access to local diverse local and international markets.

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Increase employee retention and job satisfaction

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Retention and job satisfaction are important in getting the best ROI on every new hire and employee. Training and education offer a strong incentive for employees to achieve their goals and find satisfaction in their current roles. 

References available upon request.

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