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Impacts of Body Language

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Stand with Confidence

One of the first things that communication coaches often point out to their clients is that they should stand straight and raise their heads to project their voice. With the confidence of language competence, body language reflects a sense of assembly and composure and allows for authenticity that infuses us with a new sense of what we can achieve. In addition, body language resounds in waves as they leave our bodies and are delivered to the listener, with or without a visual message. Grace and focus as we tailor our words and string them together empower us in shaping the tone of the environment in whatever mode they communicate. Our reports and declarations are received clearly and with a strong, concise, convincing message using our best communication skills. We can envelop the ideas and visions in a form that moves and inspires our audience in either our first or second language.

Of course, in a live or even virtual venue, physical posture can be even more important as it allows for better eye contact as well. It has been demonstrated that speakers can light up a room and with more eye contact. Feedback from these presentations also reflects that the listeners feel more deeply touched and are more likely to act as directed. Surprising changes occur when we hold our bodies tall and strong regardless of the method of delivery.

Improve Your Body Language

Even though they are blessed with a strong vocabulary and good diction, some people still do not come across as convincing or engaging. They consistently struggle to captivate the listener’s attention; charisma and magnetism escape them. Especially today where bullying, stigmatization, gossip, and judgment are in most office politics, large swathes of individuals are losing their social courage reinforcing suppression of thoughts and ideas. Body language suffers enormously as eye contact and physical cues are limited in personal space. Social intelligence is constructed from shared positive emotional experiences as effectively as from rejection by others in the environment. Consciously ground in our own power, it is key to communication that we each find our center, balance our inner world by healing it with the outer world and by our own command.

You can learn to play your own rhythm and harmony in alignment with the rhythm of your audience, ever so slowly iterating, and influencing imagery and perception. Come around to learn the keys to delivering your message with presence and portray your leadership role. Your body language can communicate a reciprocally altruistic and servant stewardship mindset.

Use a Deeper and Slower Voice Tone

People who are insecure with their communication skills speak more hurriedly and the words seem flimsier in expression. The audience struggles to hear the message along with the innuendos and nuances while they wriggle in their seats to accommodate other attention-getting energy in the space. This is because they themselves are ungrounded and unsure of who they are. The speaker’s insecurities rush to the front and head off any engagement between her and her audience. Communication training offers the speaker practice in speaking slowly and lending appropriate intonation to each word, reducing compromising filler sounds such as "uh" or "hmm", and even allowing for some white space or silence in between sentences to permit the listener to absorb, sense, and keep details of both the explicit and implicit messages contained within the expression. It can feel magical when someone simply drops the tone and pitch at the end of a sentence into a deep and calm way instead of making every sentence sound like a question. A well-developed speaker can induce emotion with purpose to encourage a call to action or embed critical information into a larger presentation.

These methods are clear in our personal lives, i.e., the dating and relationship coaching scene, where experiments are designed to discover which approach leads a listener to be more likely to offer their phone number. Inspiring confidence and trust in the person engaging with you is such an important thing. Talking in an almost hypnotic and yet attractive and compelling manner is the best way to attract a potential partner but also close any deal and compel any customer to give your company a shot. The skills are applicable throughout a person’s communication experiences, personal and professional, private and public, important and less than critical. Especially tall and large persons that tend to steamroll over communication partners will profit substantially from simply slowing down their speech and they will be among the most surprised to see the effects show up in their lives as they are becoming communication masters, able to steer their self-image as they are approaching all the relevant individuals that they need to involve and to manifest their most beautiful professional and personal goals.

Get Professional Guidance

The benefits of your body language practice will not materialize overnight. Each speaker or presenter will encounter their own obstacles to work through. A good instructor can help with modeling and offering focused practice exercises to improve your body language. Maintaining your style is important to your success in improving your message delivery so that it is authentic and not forced. Watch speakers who engage you and, without imitating, incorporate your favorite body language movements and signals into your own repertoire of body language skills.

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