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Before and After Impacts

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Build Empathy – A Closer Channel of Connection

“The boundaries of our language are the boundaries of our mind,” said Ludwig Wittgenstein. Logic has its limits, particularly when it is challenged by language in expressing our thoughts. Feelings, emotions, perspectives, and other abstract realities can be converted into language. Classes in communication classes allow you to extend your range of perception of other people's emotions and enhance your engagement and connection more deeply; people will then open up more easily to you to produce heightened degrees of attention rapidly building a bridge of trust.

Space holding, for example, is described as the ability to accommodate expressions free of judgment and with generous time constraints. It is a skill that has become more challenging as we increasingly connect virtually, and the more common machine reality occupies growing space in our minds. Do not discount the advantage of honing your speaker skills and create an instant emotional connection with the audience member standing in front of you within three dimensions. If you improve your skills in holding space, logically you will increase your network and develop leads and generate interest as well as adjust your gauge for the listener’s "temperature".

Tap into the Client's Dialogue

Each of us has an internal dialogue of desires, fears, hopes, and wishes for the future and memories of the past filled with joy, regrets, fantasies, and pleasures experienced. Some of them include the consumption of goods and services. Others are internal dialogues that float like neural hot air that will not add much value in a data-focused business sense but will construct self-image and ego. Those trained in communication skills develop a natural ability to become a good writer, marketers, and public speakers; they know where their target group can be met and what type of headlines and imagery latches onto their internal dialogue organically and effortlessly. The most brilliant among the people that know how to influence investment and consumption decisions by rhetorical prowess and others can size up where someone is in their life, what they may be trying to manifest, and with what level of inclination or even desperation. The importance of meeting people where they are strikes home once you become proficient at measuring people's buying temperatures and how to raise them. Conversely, students of communication and language become more difficult to manipulate as they become hyperaware of blatant and blunt attempts of manipulation.

More impact in communication than commonly assumed

Coming to grips with who we really are is part of a growing reality. When we recognize the ground that we still have to cover we can map out the progress we need to progress into with confidence and create the reality we imagine. Transitioning towards atomization, artificial intelligence, mechanization, and bureaucratization continue to reduce the amount of human intelligence that we are dealing with every day, withdrawing mercy and tolerance from the professional space. When we then meet in a context of being one-on-one as humans, we find ourselves in an awkward dance to find boundaries, limits and overcoming the robotic and callous energies that we absorb throughout the day. Avoid finding your expression possibly dystopic, disturbing ways. Agree to show up in an understanding and well-meaning way as the first steps to ensure you retain the ability to communicate effectively, and retain your humanity throughout the relationship, both personal and professional.

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