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Accelerate Your Career.

Master Your Second Language Communication Skills.

  • 1-on-1 customized curriculum for your specific needs

  • Cloud-based virtual classroom

  • Study anytime anywhere

  • ​Program focused on your language knowledge gaps that brings you results for your work and life goals

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Boost Your Confidence

Advance your skills.

Reduce your accent.

Broaden your vocabulary.
Increase Your Credibility

​Enhance your reputation.

Establish competence.

Highlight your expertise.
Grow Your Career

Show your knowledge.

Raise your competitiveness.

Get promoted.
Improve Your Relationships

Connect with your team.

Nurture friendships.

Grow your social connections.
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Reach Your Professional and Personal

Goals with 1-on-1 Live Online Classes

  • Learn English or Spanish 1-on-1 online with a certified native-speaking language instructor.

  • Delivered live via cloud-based internationally recognized  platform MeritHub.


  • Private classes, flexible timing, schedule at your convenience.

  • Need-focused, customized lessons based on your goals  and interests. 

Business Spanish Students
English school student
Spanish Translator
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  • Private and individually relevant instruction in reading, writing, speaking and listening.


  • All skill levels of grammar, vocabulary, and culture for effective communication.


  • Flexible classes to fit your schedule.

  • Private language coaching sessions to improve your confidence, leverage, poise, and influence.


  • Individually designed and developed curriculum.


  • Flexible sessions to fit your schedule.

  • Professional translation of marketing and promotional materials. Editing, and copywriting services.


  • Reliably efficient turnaround.

  • Idiomatic translation.


  • Interpretation services available in select cities.

  • Business language training for executives and high potential employees.


  • Cross-cultural communication training​.


  • Classes adapted to the level of proficiency of employees and  corporate objectives and goals.

The Benefits of Learning with Beacon BCS
What sets us apart from classic language schools?

Spanish Learner
Become a Master in the Art of Persuasive Communication in Your Second Language

With Beacon BCS, you learn more than how to speak English or Spanish well. Our goal is to help you become eloquent in your second language.


"Own the room" in your second language. Get people engaged and interested in what you have to say. Be comfortable in the cultural context of another country, and learn to tell jokes that only locals get.

Communication is the key to professional and personal

success and we can help you get there

engaging the power of your second language fluency. 

Get Instant Access to Premium On-Demand Support that Extends Beyond the Classroom

Do you have a question about wording in a memo you are due to send today? Let us know, and we will help you get it right.


Are you preparing for a presentation and doubting some of your word choices and expressions? We've got you covered.

Are you replying to an important message and want to make sure it is 100% right? We are here for you at

Learning with us gives you access to unparalleled premium

 on-demand support that extends beyond the classroom. 

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Online Class
Learn When & Where You Are.
On Any Device.

You are a busy professional. You need flexibility. We are going to provide you with the best cloud-based learning experience that adapts to your work schedule and life demands.


Classes are delivered via an premium online learning platform

  • Everything, including your private classroom, digital library content, and recordings can be accessed from any portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

  • You can view and play files directly on the web.

Cloud-Based Virtual Classroom
How Learning with Beacon BCS Works
Online class teacher

1. Sessions are delivered online via an internationally recognized cloud-based classroom platform, MeritHub. You can access the portal from any internet browser or portable device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) without having to download any software. 

2. After logging in to your private classroom, your friendly Beacon BCS instructor will welcome you and establish the goals for the lesson. You will have your class in a uniquely motivating and trusting environment. 

3. All live online classes are private and focus on you and your needs only. Our hybrid practice is designed around your language knowledge gaps which means you get more effective results. You will get to start using your new language skills right away.

4. Beacon BCS Instructors use grammar as the core of each individually designed and developed curriculum and then include learner-relevant supplemental materials for utility and practice, resulting in improved learner outcomes.

We've helped many people achieve greater professional and personal success. Read what some of them have to say
about their experience learning with us.


Spanish Student

"Their attention and care encourages me to keep at my lessons and to dedicate myself to my goal of fluency."

- Courtney H.

Spanish Student

"My instructor was not only  an English teacher but also  a life coach.  Her clients  are not just numbers."

- Erika Y.

English Student

"They provided  proactively new elements/drills/lectures  to accelerate my learning."

- Agustin S.

Beacon BCS Instructors and Trainers are certified to teach their first language as a foreign language. Translators are proficient in both languages.

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